North Des Moines High School
Class of 1960
Class Meetings:
Our 50th reunion is July 23, 2010!
Friday, July 23, 2010
Holiday Inn - Downtown; Top of the Tower
Registration Open: 12Noon-4:00PMLunch on your own
Hospitality Room Open: 2:00-4:00PMHospitality Room Open: 8:00-10:00PM
Memorial Room Open: 2:00-4:00PM
Time: 6:00-10:00PM "Rendezvous at Riverview"
Meet at the former Clarkson School (6th Avenue and Boston/Corning) site unless it is raining, and we then would move indoors. Brats and drinks available for purchase. No need to register; admission is free.
Des Moines, IA
Riverview Park website:
Clarkson School map
Free Concert: 6:00-10:00PM  Riverview Park
Saturday, July 24, 2010
Registration Open: 9:00AM-12:00PM and 2:00-5:00PM. Various events during day.
Hospitality Room Open: 10:00AM-12:00PM and 2:00-4:00PM.
Memorial Room Open: 10:00AM-12:00PM and 2:00-4:00PM.
Time: booked: 4:00PM-Midnight Holiday Inn - Downtown; Top of the Tower
I-235 and 6th Avenue (1050 6th Avenue)
 Des Moines, IA 50314-2606
 (515) 283-0151
Social Hour:  5:45PM-6:45PM
Group PhotoTime: Promptly at 6:45PM
Dinner:  Welcome at 7:15PM
Meal at 7:30-8:30PM
Program: Steve Mathews Emcee: 8:30-9:30PM
Sunday, July 25, 2010
Brunch: 9:00AM-11:00AM Holiday Inn - Downtown; Top of the Tower
Friday Night, July 23, 6:00-10:00
Site of the old Clarkson School—Please see directions below.
The Highland Park and Oak Park neighborhoods have a gathering on Friday nights throughout the summer, and we’re invited to join in. This is very casual (jeans and shorts will be common) with a local band. Things like hot dogs and beverages will be available for purchase.

Here are some directions for this very casual event: Drive north from the Holiday Inn on 6th Avenue. You’ll pass North High on the east side of the street, and this party will be a few blocks north of North on the west side of 6th Avenue. Look for tents, a North High 50th sign, and pink and green balloons in a vacant lot where Clarkson School used to stand. You can park in a lot near 6th and Corning Avenues on the west side of 6th Avenue. If you go past this corner, you’ll need to turn around because other streets will be blocked off.

Saturday Night, July 24, 6:00-9:30--
Top floor of the Holiday Inn 1050 6th Avenue, (515) 283 0151
At 6:45, Stover Photography will begin organizing North High folks for the large group picture, and dinner will be served at about 7:15, so the 6:45 time is important.
If you wish, you can order pictures and pay with cash, check, or Visa or MasterCard.
The large picture is $20, and any smaller pictures of elementary or junior high groups are less than $10.
All pictures will be ready for you to take with you at the end of the evening.
Cash bar begins at 6:00. This is the time for us to meet and greet a few of our teachers, some with spouses.
After the pictures, staff will begin serving at 7:15, and the program will follow.
Carole Hill Gassaway will have some more neat North High 50th Reunion $10 tee-shirts and $20 sweat shirts for sale.
One more thing: The dining floor moves very, very slowly, but you won’t notice it unless you leave your table. Please know that you’re not dreaming if it seems that your table has moved by the time you get back to it.
50th Reunion - Class of January, 1960 taken July 24, 2010
Photo: Stover Photographic Services; (515) 981-4217
Starting first row, bottom left
1st RowTerry Smith, David Cahow, Sheila Williams Manly, Carolyn Atkins Beaty, Molly McCarthy, Janice Pender Mattern, Sharilyn Carter Moss, Garold Plummer, Julie Stewart Kolker
2nd RowX. Richard Hutton, James Leroy Smith, Tom Tenorio, Sharon Richards Faymore, Gary Ordway, Richard Fox, Bob Barnett
Others:Phyllis Clay, David Cahow, Lloyd William Duncan, Richard Leroy Fox, Judy Stewart Lyon, Gary Eugene Plummer, James Leroy Smith, Jackie Dunagan Waddell
50th Reunion - Class of June, 1960 taken July 24, 2010
Photo: Stover Photographic Services; (515) 981-4217
Photo ID by Nancy Clayton Phillips and Marilynn Grant Wadden
Starting first row, bottom left
1st RowPat Sims Smith, Rosalie Shapiro Sandahl
2nd RowBelva Brugger Millard, Rosalie Manis Mattern, Joann Olson, Marylee Smith Donovan, Carol Steinmetz Hogue, Barbara Young VanCleave, Joyce Dawson Waite, Linda Lamb Mosier, Kay Hodgson Bechtel, Vonel Leatherby Kirkman, Lois Wilson Crook, Carol Hill Gassaway, Cathy McKenna Nelson, Marilynn Grant Wadden, Marylin Crandall Hanson, Toni Thompson, Linda Gronert Yoder, Karen Gangestad McCord, Bill Kauzlarich, Pat Foss Robertson
3rd RowNyla Walker Isele, Janet Morse Boyd, Diane DeMoss Smith, (behind) Ron Modjeska, (behind) Bob Cornelison, Linda Rose, Dottie Paris Bauer, Virginia Cox Plummer, Juanita Inman Marasco, (behind) Kaye Smith Gilles, Nancy Clayton Phillips, Lynda Hoover Smith, JoAnn Evans Evans, Ann Sampson Herteen, Diane Cosgrove Goldsberry, Diane Bochner Davis, (behind in aqua) Patty Welter Huston, Carol Fuller Velasquez, Jane Tyree Prange (behind) Jan Waters Friezen, Mel Ott, Mike Newell, George Bogenrief, Jim VerHoef, Judi Jones VerHoef, Diane Nelson Waterbury, Gary Frederiksen, JoAnn Henderson Martens, David White, Ojars Papedis, Bob Crouch, Mark Boyd, Ron Spratt, Bev Spraker Watts, Linda Newell Hutchins, Julie Bowlby Miller, Pam Frazier Pfaff, Karen Sachse Dehart, Irene Popken Carr, David Bradbury, Glaciel Coon Watson, Mary Lou Hammer Wieting, Marianne Jackovich Early, Beverly Olson, Donna Rees Aprahamian
4th RowChad Williams, Mike Raye, Ed Fisher, Dick McCloud, Ray Dennis, Karen Martin Taul, Steve Parson, Jim Carlisle, Mark Tyler, David Taylor, Don Patterson, Russ Chance, Bob Westlund, Bob Clark, Ron McMickle, Marvin Walker, Jack Bean, Rich Jorgensen
enlarged far left side of 50th reunion photo (June)
enlarged middle of 50th reunion photo (June)
enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo (June)
45th Reunion, 2005 45th Reunion, 2005 45th Reunion, 2005 45th Reunion, 2005
45th Reunion, 2005 45th Reunion, 2005 45th Reunion, 2005 45th Reunion, 2005
45th Reunion - taken May 6, 2005
Botanical Center, Des Moines
Row 1Nancy Clayton, Steve Arthur, Belva Brueger, Jane Tyree
Row 2Mike Porter, Bill Voyce, Judi Jones-VerHoef, X, Diana Bochner Davis, Beverly Spraker Watts, Carol Fuller Velasquez, Dianne "Cos" Cosgrove, Pam Frazier, Carole Hill Gassaway, Marilynn Grant Wadden, X
Row 3Jim VerHoef, Ray Dennis, X, woman: Jan Morse; man in yellow shirt:Bob Clark, Ann Sampson Herteen
40th Reunion, 2000 40th Reunion, 2000 40th Reunion, 2000
40th Reunion, 2000 40th Reunion, 2000 40th Reunion, 2000
40th Reunion, 2000 40th Reunion, 2000 40th Reunion, 2000
40th Reunion - taken August 26, 2000
Starting first row, bottom left
Row 1X,X, George Coburn, Bob Howe, David Bradbury, George Bodenrief, X, Michael Huston
Row 2X, Sandra Izzolena, X, Alice Darr, X, X, X, Dottie Paris, Lynda Hoover Smith, .Sandy Evans Nau. Juanita Inman
Row 3X, X, X, X, X, Jane Tyree, X, X, Mike Porter
Row 4X, X, X, Marilynn Grant, Joann Olson, Linda Newell, Jeanie Koehl, Jan Morse
Row 5Julie Bowlby
Row 6X, X, Bev Spraker, Marylin Crandall
 Please help with identification of others. Please email me at
Photo Above: Compliments of Beverly Spraker Watts
20th Reunion, 1980 20th Reunion, 1980 20th Reunion, 1980 20th Reunion, 1980
20th Reunion, 1980 20th Reunion, 1980 20th Reunion, 1980 20th Reunion, 1980
20th Reunion - taken 1980
Des Moines Golf & Country Club
According to numbers assigned
1/Blanche Shehan19/Pat Carroll37/Barb Houston55/Ray Dennis73/Kerry Montgomery
2/Mike Newell20/X38/Ron Modjeska56/Mike Huston74/Penny Stafford
3/Linda Lamb21/X39/Mary Johnson57/X75/Pam Frazier
4/X22/X40/Ron Sharp58/X76/Janet Morse
5/X23/Judy Rowland41/Rosalie Shapiro59/Bob Westlund77/Patty Welter
6/Barbara Young24/Helen Nelson42/X60/X78/Jane Tyree
7/Sandy Burns25/X43/X61/Bev Spraker79/Carol Fuller
8/George Smith26/Jeannie Koehl44/X62/Donna Rees80/Juanita Inman
9/X27/George Bogenrief45/Linda Newell63/Dottie Paris81/Sandy Evans
10/X28/X46/Mark Boyd64/X82/Alice Darr
11/Richard Jorgensen29/Ann Sampson47/Bob Orvick65/X83/JoAnn Henderson
12/Ginger Cox30/Diana Nelson48/X66/Sandy Izzolena84/Karen Sachse
13/Lynda Hoover31/Mariann Jackovich49/Bob Barnett67/Gary Frederiksen85/David White
14/X32/Jan Waters50/Mike Raye68/Madonna Lamberti86/X
15/Bob Cornelison33/Greg Russo51/Marylin Crandall69/Alan Anderson87/X
16/Pat Coxe34/Greg Lowe52/Bob Clark70/Xx
17/Irene Popken35/Sandy York53/Ron Spratt71/Julie Bowlbyx
18/X36/Pat Sims54/Jack Brindley72/Marilynn Grantx
Photo Above: Compliments of Marilynn Grant Wadden
Class of January, 1960 (class numbered 104)
Starting first row, bottom left
Row 1names coming
Row 2names coming
Row 3names coming
Row 4names coming
Row 5names coming
Row 6names coming
Row 7names coming
Photo above: Compliments of Bob Barnett
Class of 1960 Class of 1960 Class of 1960
Class of 1960 Class of 1960 Class of 1960
Class of 1960 Class of 1960 Class of 1960
Class of June, 1960 (class numbered 458)
Starting first row, bottom left
Row 1Bob Orvick, Ray Osberg, Marvin Harner, Sandra Henrichs, Steve Arthur, Pat Foss, Glaciel Coon, Sandra Holub, Pat Pickett, X, Marilyn Thompson, Ron Mansfield, Jane Faux, X, X, Belva Brugger, Jackie Jeffries, Karen Bright, David Thompson, Joan Lee Hutchinson, Blanche Shehan, Virginia Cox, Sandy Evans, Bob Crouch
Row 2Brenda Evans, X, X, Sharon Frost, Shirley Yamasaki, Judy Dunn, Ruth Taka, Kenneth Vaughn, X, Sherry Moore, Pat Patterson, Penny Stafford, Dottie Paris Samaniego, Sandy Izzolena, Madonna Lamberti, Penny Brandsfield, Jane Tyree, Penny Hopkins, Freda Brown, Diane Lincoln, Mary Lee Smith, Carol Steinmetz, Rosalie Manis, Linda Jetter, Vonel Leatherby
Row 3Diane Cosgrove, Carol Fuller, Gary Goldsberry, Linda Bingaman, Helen Nelson, Pat Piziali, X, Lena Baker, Vesta Williamson, Nancy Slaughter, Diane Quigley, Aysel Ciftkas, Marilynn Grant, Diane Bochner, David Taylor, S, X, X, David Bradbury, Linda Gronert, X, Judy Johnston, Linda Lamb, Barbara Young
Row 4X, Joyce Dawson, Marcia Moore, Annette Ewing, Donna Rees, Marianne Jackovich, Mary Lou Hammer, Diane Demoss, Pam Frazier, Judy White, Seymour Gray, Julie Bowlby, Pat Welter, X, Linda Epps, Shirley Olson, Carol Reeves, X, Susan Dewey, Linda Pruitt, Karen Gangstead, Judy Turner, Pat Prickett, Peggy Hutchinson, Mary Ann Crawford
Row 5Sandy Burns, X, Margo Kinkade, Karen Sachse, X, Irene Popken, Shirley Parish, Sharon Nyswonger, Paul Dimke, Jerry Davis, Jerry Lewis, Scott Sutherland, Steve McNaney, X, X, Carole Arnold, X, Nancy Clayton, Joyce Coburn, X, Karen Suplee, Robert Jones, William Voyce, X, Inta Bensons, Sharon Murphy, X
Row 6Nora White, Bob Oxley, Kenny Smith, David White, Nancy Garwood, Beverly Spraker, Ann Sampson, Jackie Arns, X, X, Mike Newell, X, X, X, Sharon Dillenback, Joyce Arnold, Pat Sims, Rosalie Shapiro, Mary Johnson, Gary Frederiksen, X, X, Pat Picard, Joann Olson, X, Mike Ivanovich, Margaret Mullen, Beverly Olson
Row 7X, X, X, Bob Howe, X, Bruno Walter, X, X, Joan Cowger, Marcia Molsberry, Marilyn Crandall, Barb Houston, Jan Morse, Gary Soldat, Diane Tuers, X, Phyllis Wickett, Jim Hall, Mike Huston, X, Gary Lewis, Ross Terwilliger, Jim Marshall, X, Shirley Barnes, X, X, Carole Hill, Pat Coxe, Jack Brindley
Row 8Larry Payne, Kay Hodsen, Pat Smith, Janet Morrison, X, Beverly Harlow, Rosie McQuitty, X, Donna Burkhead, X, Kathie Davis, X, X, X, X, Bob Clark, Kaye Smith, John Payne, Linda Newell, David Olson, X, Bev Hansen, Ed Braun, X, Sandy Chivers, Marilynn Roszell, Mary Katzureck, X, Ray Dennis
Row 9Kerry Montgomery, X, Dale Smith, X, X, Greg Russo, X, Joe Runyon, Diana Nelson, Kay Gordon, Jan Waters, X, Roger Kataoka, X, Dave Holt, X, Judy Rowland, Dale Arts, Ron Sharp, James Farmer, X, X, X, X, Gray Warren, Jim Carlisle, Larry Pedritti, Ron Spratt, Mike Raye, John Anderson, Dale Shaw
Row 10Alice Darr, JoAnn Henderson, Jeannie Koehl, X, X, X, Keith Osborn, Larry Bauer, X, Mark Tyler, X, X, X, X, Richard Jorgensen, Dennis Hamil, X, X, Juri Kaseoru, Greg Lowe, Breon Cook, Charlotte Lofgren, Pat Carroll, Karen Whitson, X, George Smith, Tai Liepa, Karen Watson, Myla Walker, Russ Chance, Alan Anderson
Row 11X, Bill Kauzlarich, Ron Thompson, X, Lewis Wharff, X, X, X, X, X, Doug Leslie, X, Dale Arts, X, X, Don Patterson, Ron Modjeska, Mark Boyd, Steve Parson, Steve Sharp, X, Lawrence Robinson, X, Phil Warner, X, Ojars Papedis, Bob Westlund, X, X, X, X, X, X
enlarged left side of grad photo enlarged left side of grad photo enlarged left side of grad photo
enlarged left side of grad photo enlarged left side of grad photo enlarged left side of grad photo
enlarged left side of grad photo enlarged left side of grad photo enlarged left side of grad photo
enlarged left side of graduation photo
enlarged right side of grad photo enlarged right side of grad photo enlarged right side of grad photo
enlarged right side of grad photo enlarged right side of grad photo enlarged right side of grad photo
enlarged right side of grad photo enlarged right side of grad photo enlarged right side of grad photo
enlarged right side of graduation photo
Graduation Photo Above: Compliments of Beverly Spraker Watts
Identification of graduates by Beverly Spraker Watts and Marilynn Grant Wadden

January 1960
Class Officers

Richard Hutton
Lloyd Duncan
Joann Miller
Joanne DeVries
Sherilyn Brown
Marilyn Jones
Jacquelin Dunagan
Gordon Black

June 1960
Class Officers

Richard Jorgensen
Robert Oxley
Linda Newell
Linda Gronert
Sharon Nyswonger
Lewis Wharff
Diane Tuers
Judith White
Ronald Modjeska
Student Council, January, 1960 Student Council, January, 1960 Student Council, January, 1960 Student Council, January, 1960
Student Council, January, 1960 Student Council, January, 1960 Student Council, January, 1960 Student Council, January, 1960
Student Council - January, 1960
1st RowJerry Lewis, Karen Gangestad, Joanne DeVries, JoAnn Miller, Sharon Nelson, Nancy Hall, Joyce Loftus, Susan Dewey, Janet Douglas, Linda Gronert, Linda Frazier
2nd RowSteve Arthur, Phyllis McEwen, Marilynn Grant, Bev Adams, Linda Katz, Molly McCarthy, Gerald Brown, Dick Hutton Larry Biggs
3rd RowGary Anderson, Dennis Forker, Sam Henning, Mary Howard, Pat Carroll, Tom Drake, Jim Hall, Richard Jorgenson, Mr. Lory
4th RowSteven Dann, Jim Miller, Jim Jorgenson, Bill Leech, Dennis Cronk, Dick Fox, Ed Graves, Mike Hayward, Dave Carlson, Bob Milinsky, Charlotte Lofgren
Student Council, Spring, 1960 Student Council, Spring, 1960 Student Council, Spring, 1960
Student Council, Spring, 1960 Student Council, Spring, 1960 Student Council, Spring, 1960
Student Council - June, 1960
1st RowMarilynn Grant, Christine Catterson, Nancy Hall, Carol Moon, Janet Douglas, Janaan Schroder
2nd RowMary Ann Howard, Linda Calhoun, Mike Houston, Steve Arthur, Linda Newell, Kaye Smith, Paulette Hon, Bev Adams, Mr. Lory
3rd RowNyla Walker, Bob Oxley, Barb Emanuel, Ron Spratt, JoAnn Henderson, Tom Drake, Jim Hall, John Ridout, Gary Houston, Kent Wildrick
4th RowBob Clark, Carl Lohafer, Jim Jorgensen, Bill Kauzlarich, Paul Jorgensen, Doug Leslie, Steve Parson, Dick McCauley, Peter Royal, Dave Carlson, Dick Miller
1960 Girls' Tennis 1960 Girls' Tennis 1960 Girls' Tennis 1960 Girls' Tennis
1960 Girls' Tennis 1960 Girls' Tennis 1960 Girls' Tennis 1960 Girls' Tennis
Girls' Tennis - June, 1960
1st RowJulie Bowlby, Dianne Cosgrove, Pat Carroll, Kathie Davis, Mary Johnson
2nd RowSue Bruett, Sandy Divelbiss, Marilynn Grant, Rosalie Shaperio, Kay Hodgson, Barbara Houston
3rd RowJoyce Youngbird, Janet Hutchinson, Marilyn Adair, Linda Knudsen, Linda Strong, Mary Ellen Osborn, Mr. Knee
1960 Boys' Tennis 1960 Boys' Tennis 1960 Boys' Tennis 1960 Boys' Tennis
1960 Boys' Tennis 1960 Boys' Tennis 1960 Boys' Tennis 1960 Boys' Tennis
Boys' Tennis - June, 1960
1st RowGreg Lowe, Gary Soldat, Don Bothwell, Jack Brindley, Jack Passwater, John Payne, Terry Prettyman
2nd RowJohn Mayo, Ted Russell, Tom Brown, Ron Flora, Jim Mayse, Jim Leseney, Chuck Withman, Bill Burdick
3rd RowRoger Griffith, Frank Garrells, Craig Clark, Dave Carlson, Bill Leech, Lee Kness, George Smith, Mr. Knee
1960 Band 1960 Band
1960 Band 1960 Band
1960 Band 1960 Band
Band - June, 1960
1st RowCraig Clark, Janice McGowan, Linda Kapfer, Gerald Wright, Mary Whitson, Gary Morrow, Judy Hays, Elizabeth Coe, Marylin Babbit, Mary Johnson
2nd RowJean Musgrove, Sam Henning, Pam Peterson, Verda Williams, Ted Russell, Charles Wittman, Bill Burdick, Jim Leseney, Bill Bartlett, Bryan Hall, Mike Hayward, Larry Brennan, Lee Conklin, Meredith Morrison, Ed Fisher, Jack Jackson, Jack Gordon, Greg Lowe
3rd RowJudy Green, Tom Fergus, Carole Johnson, Steve Cervin, Dennis Jackson, Raymond Bates, Bob Dickey, Jim Mayse, Barbara Bertrand, Carol Ivers, Marilynn Clark Atcheson, Angela Hosier, Fred Hostetler, Bob Ketch, Max Gilmore, Bob Crouch, Ray Dennis, Dale Smith, Jon Van Dusseldorp, Everett Kemp, Philip Warner
4th RowPam Bradley, Lora Barton, Mr. Lomen
AbsentDanny Boyd, Bob Brown, Richard Evans, Bob Jones, David Koder, Mattie Matlock, Jack Olson, Gary Pulley, John Ridout, Ellen Watson, Karin Watson, Carolyn Wilson, Jack Boller, Gary Fox, Mary Nordell, Duane Perry
Oak Park Elementary, 1954 Oak Park Elementary, 1954 Oak Park Elementary, 1954
Oak Park Elementary, 1954 Oak Park Elementary, 1954 Oak Park Elementary, 1954
Oak Park Elementary, 1954 Oak Park Elementary, 1954 Oak Park Elementary, 1954
Oak Park Elementary - 6th Graders - 1954
1st RowRicky Schliepsick, Robert Oxley, Greg Lowe, Chuck Long, Dale Smith, Kerry Montgomery, Mike Ivanovich, Johnny Herriott, Russell Carpenter
2nd RowJohn Anderson, George Smith, Gerald Murray, Fred Miller, Mike Newell, Betty Ford, Kaye Smith, Charlotte Lofgren, JoAnn Olson
3rd RowMiss Leupold, Marilynn Grant, Mary Lee Smith, Jean Sterrett, Kay Gordon, Sharon Nyswonger, Janet Jensen, Kathie Davis, Jacqueline Arns, Sue Nystrom, Barbara Young, Penny Hopkins
Note:What a visionary was Marilynn Grant's mother, Dorothy Grant, when she arranged to have this photo taken. She was a waitress (a working mother) and knew that someday the capture of this moment would be significant to every individual in this Oak Park 1954 class...the photo is a meaningful tribute to this mother's legacy!
Graduates - January, 1960 (numbered 104)
Agee, Patricia LouiseDann, Stephen EugeneJay, Ronald RobertReyes, Sandra Dianne
Anderson, Gary CliffordDeVries, Joanne SueJensen, Eileen MarieRhoads, Stephen Michael
Ashcraft, Carmen LoisDunagan, Jacquelin LeeJones, Marilyn EleanorRichard, Sharon Kay
Atkins, Carolyn LeeDuncan, Lloyd William, Jr.Katz, Linda ElaineRieck, William Henry
Avramis, William GeorgeEdgren, John AlanKemp, Harold OttoRobertson, James David
Barnett, Robert ForrestEllis, Sandi RaeKiefer, Val AlbertSams, Steven James
Barney, Loretta DarleneEllsworth, Patricia LynnKillion, Linda LouiseSayre, Mary Jane
Bell, Shirlene AnnErickson, Wayne EdwinKing, Kathryn AnnSchultz, Stephen Chris
Bishop, Reta RaeEwald, Dixie EllenLapole, JeannineSeaman, Nancy Louella
Black, Gordon SedgwickFett, Karen MarieLucas, Robert EnsignSeward, Steve Carl
Blythe, Kenneth EdwardFitch, Sharon KayMaples, Charles JamesShelburg, Phillip King
Boggs, Judith PearlFox, Richard LeroyMarcusen, James OscarShepherd, Crystal Annette
Brown, Sherilyn AnnFuller, Larry GeneMcCarthy, Molly ClaireSmith, James Leroy
Burrell, Wesley CharlesGaines, Wallace JaunellMcCraven, DennisSmith, Roger Edward
Cahill, James FranklinGaylor, Georgia AnnMiller, Joann MargaretSmith, Terry Rex
Cahow, David KentGraves, EdwardMoore, Kay LavonSolomon, Donald Lee
Campbell, Rose Lee BrownGreen, Judy LaverneMoran, Karla KayStevens, Kent M.
Carey, Donald JamesGreenberg, GaryMullen, Judith VirginiaStewart, Julie Kay
Carter, Donna JeanHawkins, Michael EdwardMurphy, Joyce LynnSwanson, David Bruce
Carter, Lawrence, Jr.Hawxby, Sheila MayNelson, Sandra LeeTenorio, Thomas John
Carter, Lenore KarenHeariold, Barbara JaneNorcross, Susan DorothyWalton, Robert Lee
Carter, Sharilyn KayHidlebaugh, Mabel DeniseOrdway, Gary DeanWebb, Lucille Fay
Clay, Phyllis ArleneHolmes, Mary AnnPender, Janice EileenWilliams, Sheilah Marie
Coe, Elizabeth AnnHumeston, Mary EllenPlummer, Garold EugeneWinters, Carolyn Sue
Cooper, MarvinHutton, Richard ReedPoffenberger, Burrt DeeWright, Robert Edward
Cozad, Gary EugeneJackson, Jack ThomasPrewitt, Jack MartinWulf, Barbara Lee
Graduates - June, 1960 (numbered 331)
Allison, Linda SueEllis, Lucille VeniceLamb, Linda RaeRees, Donna Paulette
Allyn, Mary ElizabethEllison, William CharlesLamberti, Madonna JeanReeves, Carol Lou
Anderson, Alan AndrewEpps, Linda BessLeatherby, Margaret VonelRivers, Marilyn Annette
Anderson, John HoraceErickson, Richard RobertLeslie, Douglas LesterRobinson,Lawrence Owen
Anneberg, Connie IvesEvans,BrendaAnneElizabethLewis, Gary WilliamRobinson, Paula Jo
Arnold, Carole JoanEvans, Jo AnnLewis, Jerry LeeRobison, Phyllis Ann
Arnold, Joyce CarolynEvans, Sandra KayLewis, Terry RussellRoszell, Marilynn Louise
Arns, Jacklyn DelleEwing, Annette ElaineLiepa, TalivaldisRowland, Judith Ann
Arthur, Stephen RayFarmer, James EdwardLincoln, Diane KayRunyon, Joseph Richard
Arts, Dale GilbertFaux, Jane ArleneLofgren, Charlotte MarieRusso, Gregory Allen
Baker, Lena LouFogel, Patricia SueLohafer, Carl WendellSachse, Karen Faye
Barnes, Shirley IreneForsyth, Larry WalterLowe, Gregory AllanSamaniego,DorothyPaulette
Barry, James RichardFoss, Patricia AnnLybarger, Linda LouSampson, Aurelia Ann
Bauer, Larry RayFoster, Gregory JohnManis, Rosalie RuthSchultz, Mark Alan
Bean, Jack HenryFrazier, Pamela DianeMansfield, Ronald EugeneShapiro,Rosalie Joan
Bensons, Inta EmilijaFrederiksen, Gary EvanMarquis, William RileySharp, Ronald Alden
Bettis, Ritta MarieFrost, Sharon KayMarshall, James DixonSharp, Steven James
Bingaman, Linda KathleenFuller, Carol AnnMartin, Karen KayShaw, Dale Ronald
Bochner, Diane RaeFuqua, Robert WesleyMcCloud,Richard LaurenceShehan, Blanche Marie
Bogenrief, George WalterGangestad, Karen AnnMcFall, James LeslieShelton, Roxie Lee
Bogle, Roger RendlesGarwood, Nancy LeeMcKelvey, Robert JaySiftkas, Aysel
Bogle, Terrence RichardGean, Judith AnnMcKinney,Connie MarionSims, Patricia Leah
Bowlby, Julie AnnGereau, Gary WorthMcMickle, Ronald DeanSlaughter,Nancy Junette
Boyd, Mark AlvinGoldsberry, Gary GeneMcNaney, Steven PaulSmith, Dale William
Bradbury, David LynnGordon, Kathryn EthelMcQuitty, Rosie AnnSmith, George Allen
Brandsfield, Penny AnnGrant, Marilynn ElaineMehaffey, Shannon RaeSmith, Gerald Earl
Braun, Edward WendellGraves, Leonard WallaceMerz, Adora KarenSmith, Kaye Corrine
Brewer, Mary LouGray, Seymour James, Jr.Miller, Douglas McArthurSmith, Kenneth Lee
Bright, Karen KayGreen, Dale RossMiller, Earl WarrenSmith, Lynda Hoover
Brindley, Jack WilliamGriffith, Roger PaulModjeska, Ronald LamoineSmith, Marylee Elizabeth
Brocksmith, James AlanGronert, Linda MarieMolsberry, Marcia KaySmyth, Patricia Ann
Brown, Freda ElizabethGurnsey, Sharon LeeMontgomery,Kerry CrawfordSoldat, Gary Edward
Brown, Janice ElaineHall, James LoydMoore, Marcia SharonSpraker, Beverly Jean
Brugger, Belva JeanHamil, Frank DennisMoore, Sherry AnnSpratt, Ronald Leo
Buch, Charles EdwardHammer, Mary LouMorrison, Janet RexanneSpring, Mark Nicholas
Burkhead, Donna MaeHansen, Beverly MaxineMorrison, Meredith JohnStafford, Penny Ann
Burns, Sandra MaeHarlow, Beverly JeanMorrow, Gary LeeSteinmetz, Carol June
Caldwell, Irma LeeHarner, Marvin HaroldMorse, Janet HelenStone, James Leo
Calhoun, Everett EdwardHays, Beverly AnnMoses, Robert LeeStoneking, Michael A.
Callahan, DouglasHenderson, JoannMossholder, Stephen BruceSuplee, Karen Lou
Carlisle, James StewartHenning, Gary ErnestMullen, Margaret MarieSutherland, Scott Richard
Carlton, Leo Max, Jr.Henrichs, Sandra LouMumford, Thomas MalcomTaka, Ruth Megumi
Carroll, Patricia AnnHill, Carole LouiseMurphy, Sharon SueTaylor, David Craig
Chance, Russell LeeHodgson, Karen KayMusgrove, Jean ElaineTaylor, Gary Frank
Chivers, Sandra SueHolt, Charles DavidNelson, Diana GhleeTebo, Pamela Kay
Ciftkas, AyselHolub, Sandra SueNelson, Helen JaniceTerwilliger, Ross Lee
Clark, Marilynn KayHopkins, Penny LouiseNewell, Linda SueThomas, Sharon Lee
Clark, Robert KennethHosier, Angela RuthNewell,Michael EdwardThompson, David Edward
Clayton, Nancy DeeHostetler, Frederick LeeNyswonger, Sharon KayThompson, Marilyn Joyce
Coburn, George Albert

Houston, Barbara Lee

O'Brien, Stephanie JaneThompson, Ronald Lavern
Coburn, Joyce AnneHowe, Robert LeeOlson, Beverly JaneThompson, Toni Arnett
Coe, Larry CharlesHubbard, Donna RaeOlson, David MarkTrout, Susan Nystrom
Conklin, Jerry LeeHulsizer, Carole LeeOlson, Joann KayTuers, Diane Elaine
Cook, Breon AllisonHuston, Michael LewisOlson, Shirley AnnTurner, Judy Kay
Cook, Linda HopeHuston, Nancy AnnOrvick, Robert MyronTyler, Mark James
Cooley, Darrell WayneHutchinson, Joan LeeOsberg, Raymond JonTynan, Ralph Philip
Coon, Glaciel MaeHutchison, Margaret LouiseOsborn, Keith RobertTyree, Jane Ann
Cornelison, Robert VernIvanovich, Michael KentOtt, Melvin JackVaughn, Kenneth Marion
Correll, Cinda ireneIzzolena, Sandra KayOxley, Robert EdwardVoyce, William Thomas
Cosgrove, Dianne RaeJackovich, MariannePadget, Kenneth AllanWalker, Marvin Leroy
Cowger, Joan KayJackson, William Earl, Sr.Page, David EdwinWalker, Nyla Janette
Cox, Virginia EllenJamison, Arthur AllenPapedis, Ojars AndrewWalter, Bruno
Coxe, Patricia LouiseJarc, Arthur JosephParish, Shirley JeanWarner, Philip Leon
Crandall, Marylin LeeJeffries, Jacqueline SueParisho, Sandra JeanWarren, Gray Dawson
Crawford, Mary AnnJenkins, Kenneth WrayParson, Stephen RichardWaters, Janice Jean
Crouch, Robert James, Jr.Jennings,Ronald Edwin,Jr.Parsons,KatharineEdwardettaWatson, Karen Kay
Darr, Alice KayJetter, Linda SharrolPatterson, Donald BruceWelter, Patricia Ann
Davis, Gerald LelandJohnson, Jary EldridgePatterson, Patricia ElaineWestlund, Robert Carl
Davis, Kathryn ElaineJohnson, Mary LouisePayne, John AnthonyWharff, Lewis Eugene
Davis, Thomas StanleyJohnston, Judith DianePayne, Larry BennettWhite, David Richard
Davis, William CharlesJones, Judi AnnPeterson,William Francis,Jr.White, Judith Ann
Dawson, Joyce RaeJones, Robert LeePicard, Patricia AnnWhite, Nora Emma
Delk, Janice RuthJorgensen,Richard StanleyPickett, Patricia DianeWhitson, Karen Dee
Delong, Sharon KayKaseoru, JuriPietsch, Raymond EarlWickett, Phyllis Jane
DeMoss, Dixie DianneKataoka, RogerPiziali, Patricia AnneWilliams, Chad Lee
Dennis, Raymond CarolKatzureck, Mary FrancesPopken, IreneWilliams,Donald Raymond
Denniston, Jay WilliamKauzlarich, William JosephPowers, Sharon LeeWilliams, Kaylene Lucille
Dewey, Susan LynneKellis, Dorotha MelvaPrickett, Patty LouWilliamson, Vesta Clara
Dillenback, Sharon LouKime, William JamesPruitt, Linda ArleneWilson, Lois Jean
Dimke, Paul CalvinKinkade, Margo SueQuigley, Diane KayYamasaki, Shirley Ann
Dorn, William JefferyKoehl, Norma JeanRaye, Michael LaverneYork, Sandra Kaye
Droessler,Robert ValentineKoeppel, Betty FordRedick, Ellen LouiseYoung, Barbara Irene
Dunn, Judy KayKohl, Diane ChristineReed, Joyce Marshallx
Graduates - August, 1960 (numbered 26)
Atha, Sharon JoyceGilmore, Carmen OliviaMortice, Diana JeanneShaeffer,Jacqueline Raye
Bean, Nancy AnnetteHarvey, Linda LouisePedretti, Larry PaulSmith, David Lee
Brackett, Richard DenHickman, Richard WarrenPowers, Phillip JamesSmith, Frances Lynn
Bundy, Harry BlaineInman, Martha JuanitaReeves, Larry Gean MillerTurner, Donald Roy
Burrell, Jerry LeonLafferty,GeraldRonaldDrakeRullman, John WilliamVanDyke, Mary Elizabeth
Estey, Edward DuaneLehmkuhl, Carmen SueRussell, Lary DonnVerhoef, James Michael
Fiscus, Michael DennisMark, Michael Alanxx
In Memoriam (class totaled 458)
Class of January/June/August, 1960
January, 1960 (class totaled 104)
Bell, Shirlene Ann (Taylor) (d.08/19/97)1997Lapole, Jeannine (d.11/05/03)2003
Bishop, Reta Rae (Halsted) (d.08/19/14)2014Lucas, Robert Ensign (d.08/30/97) 1997
Blythe, Kenneth Edward (d.05/16/81) 1981Maples, Charles James (d.01/07/17)2017
Burrell, Wesley Charles (d.11/17/99) 1999McCarthy, Molly Claire (Okamoto) (d.10/30/13)2013
Cahill, James Franklin (d.07/26/10) 2010Moore, Kay Lavon (Alvord) (d.05/12/14) 2014
Carey, Donald James (d.01/87) 1987Poffenberger, Burrt Dee (d.05/02/09)2009
Cooper, Marvin T. (d.03/30/12)2012Robertson, James David (d.02/19//84) 1984
Cozad, Gary Eugene (d.04/14/10) 2010Sams, Steven James (d.11/09/93)1993
Erickson, Wayne Edwin (d.12/2/89) 1989Seaman, Nancy Louella (Owen) (d.09/27/02)2002
Fett, Karen Marie (Coulter) (d.10/18/04) 2004Seward, Steve Carl (d.07/01/13) 2013
Fitch, Sharon Kay (McClure) (d.01/21/13) 2013Shepherd, Crystal Annette (Battle) (d.06/04/64) 1964
Fuller, Larry Gene (d.06/23/08)2008Smith, Terry Rex (d.07/22/17)2017
Gaines, Wallace Jaunell (d.10/20/06)2006Solomon, Donald Lee (d.02/12/01)2001
Hawkins, Michael Edward (d.07/82) 1982Williams, Sheilah Marie (Manley) (d.08/30/12)2012
Holmes, Mary AnnWright, Robert Edward (d.11/20/92) 1992
Jensen, Eileen Marie (Beasley) (d.01/11/97)1997x1992
June, 1960 (class totaled 330)
Arts, Dale Gilbert (d.12/19/08)2008Liepa, Talivaldis (d.01/30/00)2000
Barnes, Shirley Irene (Nystrom) (d.01/03/09)2009Lofgren, Charlotte Marie (Palmer) (d.12/05/08)2008
Bensons, Inta Emilija (Canine) (d.01/22/99) 1999Lowe, Gregory Allan (d.06/20/99) 1999
Brewer, Mary Lou (Monroe) (d.09/08/64) 1964Marshall, James Dixon (d.10/21/10) 2010
Bright, Karen Kay (Flockhart) (d.10/05/92) 1992McFall, James Leslie (d. 06/05/07)2007
Brugger, Belva Jean (Millard) (d.03/13/15)2015Molsberry, Marcia Kay (Sharp) (d.05/24/68)1968
Chivers, Sandra Sue (Sachs) (d.01/04/15)2015Moore, Marcia Sharon (Neal) (d.10/12/09)2009
Coburn, George Albert (d.07/01/09) 2009Montgomery, Kerry Crawford (d.05/04/92) 1992
Conklin, Jerry Lee (d.01/24/01)2001Morrison, Meredith John (d.07/19/05) 2005
Cook, Breon Allison (d.03/07/90) 1990Nelson, Helen Janice (Aalbers) (d.10/14/15)2015
Cooley, Darrell Wayne (d.12/03/77)1977Orvick, Robert Myron (d. 12/01/02)2002
Cosgrove, Dianne Rae (Goldsberry) (d.07/20/16)2016Padget, Kenneth Allan (d.07/14/90) 1990
Davis, Gerald Leland (d.08/02/12) 2012Page, David Edwin (d.09/06/09)2009
Davis, Thomas Stanley (d.08/29/97) 1997Parish, Shirley Jean (d.10/09/65)1965
Davis, William Charles (d.04/29/04) 2004Payne, Larry Bennett (d.08/06/05) 2005
Ellis, Lucille Venice (McKinney) (d.08/06/00)2000Peterson, William Francis, Jr.
Ellison, William Charles (d.07/28/07) 2007Raye, Michael Laverne (d.01/02/15)2015
Erickson, Richard Robert (d.11/18/80)1980Rivers, Marilyn Annette (Jenkins) (d.11/25/94)1994
Frederiksen, Gary Evan (d.02/02/16)2016Ronk, Judy Dianne (d.01/28/60)1960
Fuqua, Robert Wesley (d.09/15/89) 1989Sharp, Steven James (d.10/02/09) 2009
Goldsberry, Gary Gene (d.11/15/93)1993Shaw, Dale Ronald (d.03/17/75)1975
Green, Dale Ross (d.11/16/94)1994Shehan, Blanche (Jones) (d.05/11/05) 2005
Hamil, Frank Dennis/Korea/pneumonia (d.02/16/63) 1963Shelton, Roxie Lee (d.09/06/07)2007
Harner, Marvin Harold (d.08/28/07 2007Smith, Dale William (d.01/13/02) 2002
Holub, Sandra Sue (Borghi) (d.01/14/02) 2002Smith, George Allen (d.11/14/01)2001
Hopkins, Penny Paynter (Werntz) (d.03/03/05) 2005Smith, Kenneth Lee (d.03/29/92)1992
Hubbard, Donna Rae (Beeman) (d.02/18/07) 2007Stoneking, Michael A. (d.12/02/89) 1989
Hulsizer, Carole Lee (Fuqua)Tuers, Diane Elaine (d.08/08/99)1999
Huston, Nancy Ann (Carnes) (d.03/31/90) 1990Vaughn, Kenneth Marion (d.07/22/99) 1999
Hutchinson, Joan Lee (Zuccala) (d.11/03/06)2006Voyce, William Thomas (d.11/24/07)2007
Ivanovich, Michael Kent (d.03/31/99) 1999Warren, Gray Dawson/VietNam (d.10/26/69) 1969
Jackson, William Earl, Sr. (d.08/06/88)1988White, Nora Emma (Severson) (d.10/17/68) 1968
Kaseoru, Juri (d.06/07/14)2014Whitson, Karen Dee (Huffman) (d.1992) 1992
Kauzlarich, William Joseph (d.04/20/15) 2015Williamson, Vesta Clara (Sloan) (d.12/19/06)2006
Kohl, Diane Christine (d.03/28/04) 2004York, Sandra Kaye (Taylor) (d.06/04/91) 1991
Lewis, Gary William (d. 03/15/94)1994


August, 1960 (class totaled 26)
Bundy, Harry Blaine (d.06/18/09 2009Reeves, Larry Gean Miller (d.05/05/97)1997
Burrell, Jerry Leon (d.07/13/78)1978Russell, Larry Donn (d.09/14/09) 2009
Lafferty, Gerald Ronald Drake (d.07/16/75)1975x
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