North Des Moines High School
Class of 1953
60th Reunion
August 30-31, September 1, 2013
View the reunion presentation on YouTube-
Friday, August 30, 2013
 Meet at "new" North High (left) at 5th and Holcomb Avenues for school tour. Name tags distributed. Please wear name tags throughout reunion events.
Lions Park Shelter House
72nd and Aurora
Urbandale, IA 50322
(515) 278-3900
5:30-6:00PM opens  Catered buffet. Cost: tbd
Group Photo; Stover Photographic Services; (515) 981-4217. Candid photos of event
Saturday, August 31, 2013
9:00AM-12:30PM Use free parking lot across the street from the State Historical Museum of Iowa. Bus tour of Old North High and various Des Moines sites
Escorted tour of
North High School
(Now Moulton Elementary)
8th and College Avenues
Des Moines, IA
$17.00/person for bus tour
Drive by Riverview Park, McHenry Park, Oak Park Elementary, Highland Park, Hiland Theater, Hi Ho Grill, French Way Cleaners, Couchman Drugs, Warren Harding, Union Park, Birdland Shelter House, Jewish Community Center, Washington Irving, Drake University. Stop at Iowa Hall of Pride Museum/Hy-Vee Hall of Pride
Down Grand Avenue, Sculpture Garden (Locust & Grand; 13th & 15th); Free. Return on Locust to East Village, Historical Museum.
Bus tour ends back at free parking lot across from State Historical Museum of Iowa. Free. Restroom on bus.
Walk across the street to the Iowa Historical Museum
Lunch at Cafe Baratta w/view of Capitol. East Village.
Order off of the menu. Your expense.
Outside veranda space reserved.
Monday & Saturday: 11am-2pm
600 East Locust; Third Floor
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 281-3294
FYI:Instead of the bus tour, you may wish to visit the Saturday market: 7:00AM-12:00PM Noon
Des Moines Farmers Market
300 Court Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50309
(515) 286-4928
or visit Union Park and its Heritage Carousel: Tu-Fri;12:-7PM; Fri-Sun: 11AM-8PM
Union Park
East 9th and Thompson Avenue
Des Moines, IA
Registration/Hospitality Open: 3:00PM at Hotel at Top of the Tower; North View Room
 Holiday Inn Downtown -Top of the Tower
I-235 and 6th Avenue (1050 6th Avenue)
Des Moines, IA 50314-2606
(515) 283-0151 or 1-800-315-2621
Reception: 5:30-11:00PM
Dinner Buffet: 6:00PM-7:30PM
 Buffet. Serving begins around 6:30PM. Cost: $32.00/person.
Stover Photographic Services; (515) 981-4217. Group photo at 6:15PM
Sunday, September 1, 2013
9:00AM-1:00PM/Brunch Holiday Inn Downtown (because of huge turnout, we moved event
to the Top of Tower Main Ballroom)
I-235 and 6th Avenue (1050 6th Avenue)
Des Moines, IA 50314-2606
(515) 283-0151 or 1-800-315-2621
Cost: tbd
Maps and dates for above venues
Class of 1953 - 60th Reunion; August 31, 2013 (48 pictured)
Photo by Stover Photographic Services   ( 515) 981-4217

09/13/16: I have designated in bold blue font those who has passed away since the 60th reunion group pictured here
Starting first row, bottom left
1st Row Rosemary Brynie Lind, Sharon Berkey Card, Peggy Stiles Houston, Barbara Sweeten Granzow, Wanda Sweeten Humphries, Jody Grossman Colletier, Jerrine Goltry Andreini, Sally Munzenmaier Fuller, Ann Lawdahl Tharnish, Eleanor Barton Knold, Margaret McGowan Fraaken, Edith McBride Dawson, JoAnn Lass Adams, David Stookey, Mariellen Weathers Campbell, Rodney Rhoads
2nd RowClaradell Gergely Shedd, Shirley Goslin, Patsy Pugh Bryan, Libby Wright Drew, Beverly Gabriel Whipple, Chuck Fletcher, Pearl Dennis VanFleet, Marilyn Munznemaier Grother, Joni Hummel Dunn, Sandra Hutchins Goreham, Jackie Stoops Smith, Rosalee Romeo Klisares, Sharon Willcockson McGraw, Ilene Overton Johnson, Sally McClure Rhoads, Dee Rose Hicklin
3rd RowGarey Bryan, Mary Jean Dunphy Dunley, Leland Smithson, Richard Allen, Loy Brooks, Joe Van Arkel, Jim Willittes, Bill Whitman, Don Loomis, Chuck Quiner, Jim Juroe, Bill Haller, Don DeVore, Ron Harner, John Brewbaker
Also attended function(s): Gilbert Andreini, Carolyn Bass, Kathy Brewbaker, Ellie Brooks, Ozzie and Jeanne Brynie, Carl Campbell, Pierre Colletier, Marilyn DeGroote Elliott, Alice DeVore, Janyce Dove Bateson, Larry Card, George and Nanette Bradley Coon, Sherry Durbin DeHaven, Joy Fenton Briggs, Sarah Fletcher, LeRoy and Sheryl Forrest and daughter, JoLynne Farren, Bill Grother, Judy Haller, Jennifer Halverson, Bob Hicklin, Hy Joseph, Joanne Kircher Hunt, Richard Johnson, Kayla Lewis, Tom and Janet Logan, Bob Madison, Janice McGowan Ash, Harold and Edith McCaw, Bob McGraw, Jack and Dixie Ness, Jeannette Quiner, Dave and Carole Kaldenberg Roemer, Doug Smith, Harry Shedd, Jeanette Smithson, Shirley Stookey, Judy Stroh Carlson, Brian Thompson, Janice Van Arkel, Tom and Sophie Vlassis, Sherrill Vroom Bain, Art Whipple, Toni Whitman, Alice Willittes, Wayne Young - group totaled 102.
enlarged left side of 60th reunion photo
enlarged center of 60th reunion photo
enlarged right side of 60th reunion photo
Coming: Go to website for Warren Harding to view Harding and Irving Junior High Photos taken at 60th reunion
After a tour of the new North High at 3:00pm,
our first event was a catered picnic at
Lions Park Shelter House in Urbandale.
It was the hottest day of the year!
(I'm told it was 105!)
Over eighty attended this event.
Thank you for coming.
Welcome to your 60th Reunion!
Rodney and
Sally McClure Rhoads
Bob and Sharon
Willcockson McGraw
Doug and
Jackie Stoops Smith
Gib and Jerrine Goltry
Libby Wright Drew, and
Rosalee Romeo Klisares
Joe and Janice
Van Arkel
John and Kathy
Bill and Judy Haller
Sandra Hutchins Goreham
Joy Fenton Briggs
Beverly Gabriel Whipple,
Sheryl Forrest (LeRoy)
Jim Juroe and
Claradell Gergely Shedd
Peggy Stiles Houston and
Hy Joseph
Don and Alice DeVoreMarilyn Munzemmaier,
Edie McBride

Joe Van Arkel and
Wanda Sweeten Granzow
Bill and Toni Whitman
Ron Harner and
JoAnn Lass
Pierre and Jody
Grossman Colletier
Bill and Marilyn
Munzenmaier Grother
Loy and Ellie Brooks
Art Whipple (Bev),
Wayne Young (Mary Lou)
Margaret McGowan Fraaken,
Janice McGowan Ash
Bob and Dee Rose HicklinHarry and
Claradell Gergely Shedd
Rodney and Sally McClure Rhoads,
Claradell Gergely and Joni Hummel
Richard and Ilene Overton Johnson,
Chuck and Jeanette Quiner
Mary Lou Anderson, Patsy Pugh,
JoAnn Lass
Joy Fenton, Sally McClure,
Rodney's therapist, Krystal Chambers, Joni Hummel
Doug and Jackie Stoops Smith, Margaret McGowan,
Janice McGowan, George and Nanette Coon
John and Kathy Brewbaker,
Edie McBride
Don Loomis, Tom Logan, Marilyn DeGroote
Bob and Dee Rose Hicklin, Pierre Colletier (Jody), Loy and Ellie Brooks
Charles Quiner standing behind those seated.
Art Whipple (Bev), Harry Shedd (Claradell),
Leland and Jeannette Smithson
Joy Fenton, Mary Jean Dunphy,
Carole Kaldenberg
Claradell Gergely, Dave StookeySophie Vlassis, Edie McBride, Sally Munzenmaier,
Patsy Pugh, Joanne Kircher
Judy Stroh, Chuck Fletcher Ellie Barton, Ann Lawdahl, Tom Vlassis
Mariellen Weathers,
Jim and Alice Willittes

Shirley Goslin, Jerrine Goltry, Sharon Berkey;
Dave Roemer, John Brewbaker in background
Art Whipple (Bev), Harry Shedd (Claradell),
Leland and Jeannette Smithson
Rear right: Carl Campbell (Mariellen)
Front: Ellie Barton, Edie McBride, Rosemary Brynie
Back: Ann Lawdahl, Marilyn Munzenmaier, Ilene Overton, Sally Munzenmaier, JoAnn Lass
08/31/13 Dinner Group (90-100)
08/31/13 Dinner Group (90-100)
Remembering those (102) who made the effort to join us at the reunion; the most used
reasons to not attend were poor health or had to watch football.
37 who lived within 10 miles of Des Moines did not respond or attend.
1953 Classmates - January, June, and August
AlftonIowa 50830LaPlataMissouri 63549
Ames (2)Iowa 50010LivingstonTexas 77399
Apple ValleyMinnesota 55124LovelandColorado 80538
BrainerdMinnesota 56401MadisonWisconsin 53716
Canal FultonOhio 44614Mason CityIowa 50401
ChandlerArizona 85248North PortFlorida 34287
Clive (2)Iowa 50325NorwalkIowa 50211
Crystal RiverFlorida 34423Oklahoma CityOklahoma 73139
Des Moines (6)Iowa 50310Paradise ValleyArizona 85253
Des Moines Iowa 50311PhoenixArizona 85044
Des Moines (2)Iowa 50312PlattsmouthNebraska 68048
Des MoinesIowa 50313Pleasant HillIowa 50327
Des Moines (4)Iowa 50317RoanokeVirginia 54018
Des Moines (2)Iowa 50321SammamishWashington 98074
Des MoinesIowa 50131San DiegoCalifornia 92105
DubuqueIowa 52003ScottsdaleArizona 85250
EldridgeIowa 52748Sun LakesArizona 85248
FairviewTexas 75069SurpriseArizona 85374
Fort DodgeIowa 50501Urbandale (4)Iowa 50322
Iowa CityIowa 52246WaukeeIowa 50263
Johnston (3)Iowa 50131West Des MoinesIowa 50265
Kansas CityMissouri 64113Windsor HeightsIowa 50324
Seven Tables
There were seven tables for reference displays
(1)Junior High: photos from Warren Harding, Washington Irving, Callanan, and Amos Hiatt
(2)High School: photos of January and June group graduation
(3)In Service: examples of website chronological pages of military service of North classmates
(4)Obituaries: Individual obituary sheets for each of 69 deceased classmates
(5)Whose House?: Individual sheet for each classmate showing house in which that person lived while attending North. Each sheet showed when house was built, how many rooms, etc.
(6) Door prizes
(7)Hard copies of pages included in Powerpoint presentation shown Saturday and Sunday, as well as documentation on restoration of dedication photo of Emma Case Moulton presented to Moulton Elementary Learning Center in 2004
08/30/13: Table: "Whose House?"
Individual sheets for each classmate showing where he/she lived during North High days with house specifics
09/01/13: Bob and Sharon Willcockson McGraw,
Bill and Marilyn Munzenmaier Grother,
Dee Rose Hicklin in background
09/01/13: Sunday Brunch Group (80) 09/01/13: Sunday Brunch Group (80)
Above Photos: Compliments of Stover Photographic Services (515) 981-4217,
Claradell and Harry Shedd, etc. and more photos coming
Four photos below: Compliments of JoAnn Lass Adams
1983: JoAnn Lass, Dave Stookey, Rosalee Romeo2013: JoAnn, Dave, Rosalee/30 years later
Ann Lawdahl, Sally Munzenmaier,
Wayne and Mary Lou Anderson Young
Edie McBride, JoAnn Lass,
Mary Lou Anderson Young
10/16/13:From Norm and Dixie Meyer Farley:
Sorry to have missed the reunion. Dixie and I planned to attend until we had a major fire in our house in July. It is just now being repaired. We celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary last year and are currently living in a retirement home in Irvington, VA, although we still have the house on the water at Drum Point, VA about 10 miles away. Photo is of our 55th wedding anniversary.
50th Reunion of Class of 1953
Class of 1953 taken Friday, June 20, 2003 (66 pictured)
Picture by Stover Photographic Services (515) 981-4217
enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo
enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo
enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo
enlarged left side of 50th reunion photo
enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo
enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo
enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo
enlarged right side of 50th reunion photo
* indicates deceased since 2003 reunion
  Row#1 Row#2 Row#3
 Beverly Gabriel Whipple Peggy Stiles HoustonBob Hammer
 Ann Lawdahl TharnishLee Sheets Carlson*Darwin Marchant
 Joanne Kircher HuntNancy Campbell ManhartNorman Bone*
 Mary Jean Dunphy DunleyLouise Morlock GislerRodney Rhoads
 Margaret Woolsey Katzenberger*Marilyn DeGroote ElliottLoy Brooks
 Bonnie Katzenberger BowerJoan Dowell LarsonLeland Smithson
 Shirley Goslin Jackie Stoops SmithClair Austin*
 Jerrine Goultry AndreiniDon Loomis (behind Jackie Stoops)Bob Fletcher
 Sally McClure RhoadsSally Munzenmaier FullerJerry Torrence
 Sharon Willcockson McGrawShirley Winslow Cramer*Bob Elmore
 Rosemary Brynie LindAnnette Akes WrightJim Bailey*
 Nadine Nourse Wood*Edith McBride DawsonBill Haller
 Pearl Dennis Van FleetEleanor Barton KnoldJoe Van Arkel
 Beverly Collins JohnsonIlene Overton JohnsonBob Madison
 Sharron Hilgenberg CordaroJo Hanna Boling RainsIn front of Bob Madison:
 Mary Lou Anderson YoungJoan Hummel DunnJim Willittes
Gene Geissinger* Sandra Hutchins GorehamRon Harner
 Claradell Gergely SheddMarilyn Munzenmaier GrotherJon Hockenberry
 Darlene Jones QuinnJoAnn Lass AdamsJim Elmore
 Rosalee Romeo KlisaresCharles QuinerKen Springate
 Nancy Harpel JeffriesJackie Shepard Murphy 
Janice Maupin BellMarilyn Benton Barnes
Don DeVore John Murply*
Photo: Compliments of Claradell (Gergely) Shedd
For further input, please email me at
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